Bonsai Specialism Workshops

The Bonsai School Specialism Workshops introduce specialist species and areas of Bonsai Art. The Workshops aims to adding to your skills in a more focused and concentrated way the many bonsai species and artistic skills of Bonsai and it's ancillary arts. These Workshops are open to all levels of enthusiast.

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Deadwood and Shari Carving and Creation

Will Baddeley, a self-taught and self-made Bonsai Artist has been practising the art of bonsai since 1997. Will was launched in to Bonsai limelight, when he represented UK and came third in the New Talent Completion, 2002 in Trevarez, France. Bill who has long had a love for nature and trees, has bought this passion into styling and creating very natural Bonsai. Bill's passion and understanding of native species shows clearly, vividly and passionately in all his work. Will who is a bonsai stylist par-excellence will be helping us develop our Carving Skills to help imporve our Shari and deadwood creation techniques. More on Will Baddeley
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Grass Bonsai/Accent Bonsai

Accent Bonsai or Grass bonsai as they are traditionally named are accompanying plant that are displayed with bonsai and were meant to display the season in which the bonsai was being displayed. The session will look at the various species that can be used as accent bonsai and what to look for when creating accent bonsai.
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Native Broadleafs for Bonsai

Growing Native and Naturalised Species as bonsai is becoming very popular in the UK and indeed a lot of Europe too. The demand for them far outstrips their supply which means that even the most modest of Native bonsai command a significantly higher price than imported bonsai of comparable maturity. We will look at strategies and systems for growing native species for bonsai and which species lend themselves naturally to bonsai. We will look at the common species as beech, hornbeam, Silver Birch, English Elm, Oaks and explore more exotic European species such as Willows, Alders, Conkers and lots more.
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Junipers as Bonsai

Juniper have always been a very popular species for bonsai. Indeed, many specimens of Juniper are widely available in Japan and around the world. We will explore in depth the more commonly used species for bonsai such as the Chinese Juniper, Common Juniper, Rigida Juiper, Sabina Juniper, Common Juniper, Squamata and others.
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Other Information

Specialist Workshops tution start from £50. Participants are encouraged to book their places well in advance, by paying the online booking fees £20 book fee which is to be paid online. The sessions are from 10am to 4pm, please bring a packed lunch. Teas and coffees and will be avalable.

All session are held at Ma-Ke Bonsai Studio, address and contact details can be found on the Contact page.

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