Beginners Bonsai Course

Conducted over 5 modular sessions, during the course of a year, you will aquire the knowledge and skills required to care for and train your bonsai with confidence. Each module builds on your strenghts by walking you through the seasonal needs of your bonsai. We currently run three Groups for Beginners Classes, Group A, Group B and Group C. All Groups follow the same syllabus, but class dates are staggered, to allow wider participation.

The Beginner Bonsai Course is very popular and is usually fully subscribed. Please book you places well in advance.

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Bonsai Art, History, Origins, Styles

The morning session we shall cover some of the theory of: What is a bonsai? Bonsai history? Basic Bonsai styles? The basics of bonsai care will be covered. The afternoon session will be a get your hands dirty session, will cover with root pruning and re-potting. The session will help you identify, what traits to look for in a good bonsai, and how to choose one in a nursery setting. Students are taught how to identify if a bonsai need repotting and how and when to re-pot them. The basics of root pruning are covered and attendees are encouraged to re-pot their bonsai if required

Course Dates

Group A: Sun, 29 January 2017 sold out
Group B: Wed, 22 February 2017
Group C: Sun, 12 March 2017 sold out

Botany for the Bonsai Artist

Looking after a bonsai is looking after a tree? In this session we shall cover some of the basics of plant development. Understanding the role of light, heat, water, nutrition and how each of these elements are best used and balanced to enhance the development of your bonsai. Emphasis is placed on identifying and planning for the seasonal requirements and development of your bonsai. Common bonsai species requirements will be identified, but we will try and cater your specific bonsai species too. The afternoon session will be a get your hands dirty session, with creating a bonsai from garden material. The session will help you identify, traits to look for and amplify in ordinary garden stock, and how to ensure a start to a great bonsai.

Course Dates

Group A: Sun, 26 March 2017 sold out
Group B: Wed, 26 April 2017
Group C: Sun, 14 May 2017 sold out

Pruning of Deciduous Bonsai Species

Bonsai are living art which are continually growing and evolving and as such are in need of regular and timely pruning and shaping. We will explore techniques available to us to shape our bonsai and briefly look at both the Botanical needs and Artistic goals of shaping and how to achieve harmony between the two. This module deals with the pruning of deciduous species. Hand-on-work begins by mid-morning and thereafter we prune as learn. We concentrate on summer pruning requirements of common deciduous species.

Course Dates

Group A: Sun, 04 June 2017 sold out
Group B: Wed, 28 June 2017
Group C: Sun, 09 July 2017 sold out

Pruning of Conifer Bonsai Species

Pines, Larches, Junipers and even some evergreen Mediterranean have their very own pruning requirements. Conifers which have scales and needles have their own pruning requirements and techniques. We work with you in developing a strategy to build up and enhance your bonsai. The hands-on work begins by mid-morning and carries on till the end of the session, and we learn as demonstrations are carried on. We cover common conifer species commonly grown as bonsai.

Course Dates

Group A: Sun, 30 July 2017 sold out
Group B: Wed, 30 August 2017
Group C: Sun, 10 September 2017 sold out

Autumn Care for Bonsai Trees

Autumn and your bonsai are beginning to dress down for the year. For many beginners this is a confusing time of the year. This session helps you understand bonsai dormancy, and how to ensure that you get your bonsai ready for autumn and the winter beyond. Autumn is the time you get to see the bonsai’s branches in close detail - this session works with you in developing a “structural plan” to bring-out the best of the aesthetics side of your bonsai. We will explore the role of ‘proper wiring’ in the artistic and horticultural development of your bonsai.

Course Dates

Group A: Sun, 24 September 2017 sold out
Group B: Wed, 25 October 2017
Group C: Sun, 12 November 2017 sold out

Other Information

Beginner Bonsai Sessions are £30 each. You secure your place on the 5 sessions by paying a booking deposit of £50. Students pay £20 per session to the tutor. If you are unable to attend a Module you may attend another date of the same Module, provided there are spaces available. All Deposits are non-fundable. Beginners Course places get taken quickly, so you are encouraged to book yours well in advance. Session are limited to a Maximum of 8 per group. All session are held at Ma-Ke Bonsai Studio, address and contact details can be found on the Contact page.

Beginners Bonsai Courses are conducted by Mark D'Cruz, who has nearly 30 years of growing bonsai and who has honed his skill under the tutelage of Japanese Bonsai Master Nobuyuki Kajiwara over a 5 year period.

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