Advance Bonsai Workshops

Advance Bonsai Workshops will take you closer into Mastering the Art and Science of Bonsai. They explore in depth many advance bonsai techniques, including Advance Bonsai Styles and Bonsai Landscapes. On the horticultural side we shall explore more advance subjects like Bonsai Propagation techniques, Field Growing, Soil Science and lots more. The sessions are modular in nature with each being stand-alone unit of learning, however, you will benefit the most by following the sessions through the year. Places are reserved one a first come first served basis.

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Bonsai Tool Care and Sharpening

Bonsai Tool are your friends in your pursuit of creating exquisite show winning bonsai. Sharp clean bonsai tools mean that you can work faster and with less stress to your bonsai. Sharpening your bonsai tools give you a feel and deeper understanding of your tools. We shall show you the tools and kit available an d how you can use them to keep them in tip top shape.

Root-On-Rock Bonsai

Bonsai On Rock is an evocative style of Bonsai. We shall spend the day exploring this advance Bonsai Style and how we can go about creating it. We will explore various type of Rocks how they can be used, how to select a suitable tree for root on rock compositions and finally we will end up make and designing a root on rock bonsai. As with other Advance Workshops you can bring your own materials to make a Root-On-Rock bonsai or we can provide you with the materials to make the composition. The Kits are available for £ 45, which includes a suitable rock, a miniature bonsai, and soil and all materials to complete the kit.

Bonsai By Design

Bonsai do not happen by accident they involve a lot of design, planning and skill to make them happen. This work shop will builds up your arsenal of skill and techniques you need to get you designing realistic looking bonsai trees. It will introduce styles, pruning techniques, wiring techniques, deadwood treatment, and concepts of scale and form to help you design..

Effective Wiring Bonsai

Wiring Bonsai is a much misunderstood and feared subject primarily because wiring can have a significant impact on the overall aesthetic of the bonsai, but more importantly if it is not done properly it can seriously damage your bonsai, causing lots of scaring and more importantly slow dieback. In this session, we will look at why wiring works, what and when to wire, and the many techniques and tools we have at our disposal for effective and non-destructive wiring.

Bonsai Display

Traditionally in Japan, the goal of bonsai development was for it to be displayed it in a Tokonoma for the enjoyment of visiting guest. In the Western World, we have adopted that style of Bonsai display for Exhibition Display. This session we will study how to display bonsai in the traditional setting, ie, for Bonsai Exhibitions, and how we can display and present our bonsai for our everyday enjoyment in our gardens and homes. We will study examples of bonsai gardens and how we can design them into our settings.

Other Information

All Advance Bonsai Sessions are £30. Sessions are limited to 8 attendies. Participants are encouraged to book their places well in advance, there is a £10 advance for each session booked. Students then pay the balance of £20 when attending indiviual sessions. The sessions are from 10am to 4pm, please bring a packed lunch. Teas and coffees and will be avalable.

All session are held at Ma-Ke Bonsai Studio, address and contact details can be found on the Contact page.

Advance Bonsai Classes are conducted by Mark D'Cruz, who has nearly 30 years experince of growing bonsai and who has honed his skill under the tutelage of Japanese Bonsai Master Nobuyuki Kajiwara over a 5 year period.

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