Beginners Bonsai Course

Conducted over 5 modular sessions, over the course of a year, during which you will acquire the knowledge and skills required to care for and train your bonsai with confidence...

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Bonsai Masterclass

The Masterclass are aimed at the more experienced collector, and offer the opportunity of getting your Bonsai to top quality under the tutelage of Bonsai Master Nubuyuki Kajiwara...

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Advance Bonsai Workshops

Aimed at the experienced practitioner the Advance Workshops cover specialist areas of Training Techniques and Bonsai Development...

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Open Bonsai Workshops

The Open Bonsai Workshops are avaiable to everyone, and are aimed at providing advice on specific task seasonal bonsai tasks, such as, repotting, styling...

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Specialist Seminars

The Bonsai School Specialist Seminars introduce specialist areas of Bonsai Art such carving, and are brought to you by renowed artist in the field...

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The Bonsai School Calendar for 2015

This year Ma-Ke School of Bonsai offers, along with its popular Bonsai For Beginners Courses, an even larger portfolio of Workshops, Masterclasses and Series of Specialist Seminars...

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